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The name FLORES translates to flowers, and it is among flowers, tiny villages, old ruins, and nature that you will spend your residency away from the distractions of the fast paced world.
Flores & Corvo, are actually the western tip of theAzores Archipelago of 9 Islands , and are, like the other seven, a territory of Portugal. Though small, they possess a rich, long history dating back to the early age of exploration, and before. Here, an intriguing past sprinkled with Spanish Galleons, pirates, treasures, whaling and clandestine emigration, have all interwoven to create the fabric of its poetic existence.

As you wander the island's ancient footpaths, you'll be exploring a vast ecological tapestry featuring; a million shades of lush green, volcanoes, 7 lakes, caves, 2 or 3 microclimates, remnants of earthquakes, wildflowers, and hot water springs. The mystery, natural beauty and tranquility of this land will change your concept of the Atlantic... (there are stepping stones in the pond!!)

Here you will breathe the freshest, lightest air on earth - while the Gulf stream's warm, gentle breezes caress your skin. By night, you'll experience the distant galaxies of the Milky Way as a sparkling highway across a crisp black sky. Flores offers the senses a sumptuous feast and its tranquility will remain with you long after you bid its shores 'good bye'. Without a doubt, its enchanted shores, tranquil seclusion and natural simplicity will remain with you long after your departure.

Our peasant house is located on a hillside at the ouskirts of a village on the southern shore.
On the south and western shores you will find a variety of tiny villages, some with only a few residents.

If you trek up into the hills, you will be among the seven craters where you can relax by their mossy banks. High above the villages, the moss grows tall and velvety green.

Getaways from the Getaway
If a getaway even from the village is what you need, you can pack up some delicious island cheeses, fresh country bread, a pup tent, and spend a couple of days of total seclusion, watching the sun set by a fisherman’s hut on the western shore.
If you're so inclined, take along the house telescope & get closer to the milky way after nightfall.

Bread and cheese in knapsack, and spend a day at sea with a local fisherman, or take a 45 min. hike to complete seclusion in an ocean side cottage with no electricity. If you want an impossible physical challenge, get on one of the bikes and head for a nearby village. Then come home to soak in a hot will need it.

In winter, sometimes an Atlantic storm will pass through the archipelago. It is then that I find myself most inspired to work late into the night, my only companions, the wind howling and hissing, and the constant beat of rain on terra cotta tiles. In the distance the waves slam rugged shores.

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