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Our residencies are intended to cradle and nurture the creativity of our guests. Positions exist here for artists of all types, visual, writers, poets, composers, visionaries, scientists, ecologists, naturalists (anyone whose job includes writing). We do require participants to demonstrate seriousness of purpose.

Stays can last from a minimum of one week to a maximum of 1 year, or more with pre approval.
** Please Note**
Shorter stays of less than 1 month are granted for Writers and Artists who wish to Retreat & Reconnect. These stays do not require a proposed project plan, but do require all other aspects of the application process. Shorter Retreat & Reconnect stays are available on a waiting list basis.
*** IT is our policy to give preference to longer residencies over shorter ones.

We operate on a sliding scale residency fee based on the individual's ability to pay. We suggest a contribution of 30.00euro/ night.
We encourage applicants of all financial abilities. In the event that a resident can make no contribution, we do have a subsidy program available for those who qualify.

The Foundation is able to offer in the range of 1/3 - 1/2 of our residencies for free or at a reduced cost.

Our application fee is $20.00us and should be included with the application.

To be considered for acceptance, you must submit your application with the required financial information, a letter of proposal, three recommendations, your CV/ Resume, 3 samples of your work.
Once accepted, you will be notified via phone & e-mail. We request that you contact us within 30 days after acceptance notification, otherwise we consider your acceptance status as declined. The position will then be offered to the next accepted applicant.

We accept applications on an ongoing basis, with Sept. 15th - Dec. 15th - Mar. 15th - Jul.15th being batch cutoffs. While our goal is to make decisions within 90 days of receiving the applications, this has become administratively impossible. Our reviewers are college professors who are kind enough to review on a volunteer basis. This being said, decisions will be made as soon as administratively possible. The exception is for short 1 -2 week requests. These we try to fit in as space allows, they are largely reviewed by administration, rather than reviewers. We do strongly encourage applying early as positions fill fast.

Participants will be assigned a private Bedroom. Bathroom is shared among 3 - 4 residents.

MEALS are self serve, with use of our adequately equipped kitchen available to all residents. Restaurant meals range in price from 6.00euro - 25.00euro - plate of the day can be less. Our kitchens are equipped for normal cooking, and grocery stores are walking distance.
The house is equipped with laundry facility.

Artists and writers are expected to provide their own supplies. We provide towels & bed linen, and there is house cleaning on a regular schedule.

This initiative was conceived long ago, and has materialized with the generous support of the Footpaths and Terra Incognita Foundation. This initiative is privately funded by generous contributions and donations.
Our mission and goal is to provide a situation where writers and artists can spend from one week to one year surrounded by simple beauty, the abundance of nature, and the company of others in the process of creating.
Our hope is that the tranquility offered by Flores Island will inspire and cultivate in our residents a clarity of purpose and renewed passion for their soul's work.

Studio/ Painting space is available in a barn next to the house.
It is our goal to continue the renovation process of additional studio/work spaces. For the time being we encourage plein air painters will find the best situation here.

Our group is working dilligently at this initiative every day. We are run strictly by volunteers - allowing all resources to go to the residency initiative.
The love of ART, passion for books, reading, writing, and this Residency initiative were partially inspired by a life long island resident.